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See it. Become it.

Those of you who follow my notes, lectures, and courses know I’m a huge advocate for visualizing the scenes you intend to write. But it doesn’t stop there. It will be much harder for you to become a successful writer if you can’t see yourself as one. Visualization is a technique widely used by successful people. So, why not you?

See yourself as a successful writer. See yourself doing book-signings, speaking before groups interested in what you have to say about writing and your books. See yourself being interviewed online, on television, or in print. See yourself opening those royalty checks and happily taking them to the bank. And be sure to see yourself seated comfortably writing with ease and confidence, stress-free, and enjoying the process.

You are more likely to achieve the desired outcome of your efforts if you can see the success. Images move from being simple visions in your mind’s eye to goals in your subconscious that you soon realize are possible to achieve.

Start now. See just one of these visions now. Then add another one later today. Then try to get into the habit of seeing yourself successful in all aspects of being a successful writer.

Watch what happens…